Land & Property Financing

Simple In-House Private Financing for Land & Property

At Legacy Acres we provide flexible in-house private financing options.
This is a great option if you are looking to make monthly payments on the property and may not qualify for conventional financing.
We will handle the financing ourselves which means no middlemen.

  • We don’t require 50% down like some banks!
  • We work with your budget!
  • We have flexible down payment options for as little as 10% down!
  • We offer simple interest and flexible monthly payments!
  • If you want to pay the loan off early – no worries! there’s no prepayment penalty here!
  • No background check or lengthy escrow.

    Call now to explore how to make your dreams a reality! 231-622-6465 

12 Months Same as Cash Land Financing

Legacy Acres provides special discounted cash pricing for our properties. If you are able to make high monthly payments this is a great opportunity to purchase your land at the discounted cash price and finance it for 12 months interest free!

         Call now to explore how to make your dreams a reality! 231-622-6465 


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