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Charming Woodland Property in Lake County, Michigan

Originally used for hunting, this 40-acre property split into four 10-acre parcels in Pleasant Plains Township offers a beautiful, wooded retreat just 6 miles south of Baldwin.


Discover your own piece of land in Western Central Michigan! Whether you’re seeking a single 10-acre parcel, 20 acres, or looking to invest in up to 40 acres at a discounted rate, this land is a perfect fit for you!

Nearby Attractions:

  • Baldwin Municipal Airport: Convenient for easy travel and quick getaways.
  • Big Star Lake: Ideal for fishing, boating, and relaxing by the water.
  • Baldwin City: Offers local dining, shopping, and community events.

Property Highlights:

  • Size: 40 acres divided into four 10-acre parcels.
  • Terrain: Flat with mature trees, no wetlands.
  • Zoning: R-F (Rural Forest) – perfect for single-family homes, specialized farming, and accessory buildings.
  • Permitted Uses: Camping, mobile homes (RVs not allowed).
  • Access: Seasonal two-track road, S Danahaer Dr.

Imagine hunting or building your own residence surrounded by nature, with ample space for specialized farming or a family retreat. Enjoy peaceful evenings under the stars, knowing you’re close to modern conveniences but far enough to appreciate this peaceful environment. Whether it’s a summer getaway, a hunting location, a retirement haven, or an investment for future generations, this property offers endless possibilities.

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Property info








Legal Easement (S Danaher Dr)




Well Needed


Heating Needed


43.83489, -85.87436; 43.83489, -85.87185; 43.83308, -85.87434; 43.833, -85.8724


R-F (Rural Forest)


820 FT


Septic Needed



Parcel Number

14-028-013-55, 14-028-013-60, 14-028-013-02, 14-028-013-10

-If you purchase a 10 acre parcel, the cash price is $38,250
-If you purchase 20 acres, the discounted cash price is $75,000
-If you purchase all 40 acres, that discounted cash price is $140,000

Payment Options for 10 Acre Parcel

Private Financing

$42,075 $8,415 min down payment
$497 Loan Origination Fee Call to Reserve

Cash Discounted Price

$38,250 $42,075 Market Value
$497 Reservation Fee Call to Reserve

Private financing options:

Please note: Private financing subject to approval. also payment amounts below are for principal and interest only. The loan service fee and property taxes are not included.

20% down or more

Example for 10 acre parcel:
$8,415 down payment
$33,660 financed @ 11% no prepayment penalty
$528.75/mo for 96 months
$640.69/mo for 72 months
$869.96/mo for 48 months

If you need other options, we will work with you to design a payment plan that meets your budget! If you have the minimum down payment we can work with you to make the numbers fit your monthly budget. (please note: this does not mean we will finance at 0% interest or take $100/ month for the next 30 years.)

Purchase Information/Fees

$497 one time

Reservation Fee

This fee reserves the property for 7 days and ensures no one else is able to buy it out from under you. This fee is credited towards your closing costs. Should you choose not to purchase the land this fee is non-refundable.

$497 one time

Loan Origination Fee

This fee reserves the property for 7 days and ensures no one else is able to buy it out from under you. This fee covers the cost of drafting all the documents needed to finance the property. Should you choose not to purchase the land this fee is non-refundable.

$35 / month

Loan Service Fee

This fee covers the cost of servicing the loan should you decide to use the financing available

$442.06 per 10-acre parcel / year

Property Taxes

These are this years taxes on this property. (this information is not guaranteed but provided to the best of our ability.)

Note on Reservation and Loan Origination fees: You do not need to pay us to look at the land. These fees make the purchasing process fair. simply put we can’t “hold” the property for anyone. Our properties are first come first serve. And they tend to sell fast because they are discounted to sell quickly. These fees serve two purposes. One they ensure that if you are serious about purchasing we will hold the property for you. Two they allow us to only draft purchase agreements for those who are serious. It protects us and you.

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**We are a real estate investment company. We buy and sell land throughout the country, so we are unable to meet you at the property.  We are not utilizing the services of a realtor, so you are welcome to visit the property at any time. We encourage you to visit the property at your convenience to make sure the property suits your needs.**

**Disclaimer: We have may not have been to this property. Everything we know is in this ad. No warranties are stated or implied. Land is being sold as is. Buyer is responsible for doing all due diligence and verifying accessibility, utilities, build-ability and all other information contained herein prior to purchase.**

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